Luke Evans Helps Fund Student’s Archaeology Project

Who else could support an archaeology dig in Transylvania than Dracula himself? Luke Evans, who portrayed the vampire in „Dracula Untold“, has donated to Chloe Jackson-Mitchell’s GoFundMe project:

The student has survived several brain surgeries caused by cerebral AVM and had to go through years of rehabilitation:

I am one of very few people in the entire world to have survived and recovered from multiple haemorrages caused by a cerebral AVM. I was in a coma for one month, had to go through multiple brain surgeries and brain embolisations, several years of rehabilitation, both mental and physical. I learned to walk and talk again by age 17. I have had to repeat years in both high school and university due to recurring brain bleeds and rehabilitation.

This has been difficult and sometimes embarrassing,
but I am determined to persevere! I believe that through giving back people their identities, because identity can be easily lost, bringing comfort to others, I can give back some of what has been taken

Chloe is now trying to raise 2,500 Dollars for a summer trip to Romania. She wants to attend the Excavation & Bioarchaeology Field
School in Cluj-Napoca
in order to aid the progression toward her Bsc dissertation.

Support Chloe HERE!

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