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The 87th Academy Awards: The Nominees

It’s Oscars time again! Today the nominees of the 87th Academy Awards were announced:

Actor in a Leading Role

Steve Carell


Bradley Cooper

American Sniper

Benedict Cumberbatch

The Imitation Game

Michael Keaton

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Eddie Redmayne

The Theory of Everything

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Stephen King’s IT Split Into Two Movies, Production Starting in Summer 2015

It’s about time, Stephen King’s masterpiece „IT“ is getting a proper Hollywood treatment! According to Vulture, who have spoken with producer Dan Lin, Cary Fukunaga will direct the adaption of the story about the evil clown Pennywise into two movies. Part 1 will tell the story of the „Loser’s Club“ in the 1950s when the friends struggled with coming of age while they were tormented by Pennywise. Part 2 will feature the „Loser’s Club’s“ fight against the evil clown in the 1980s: “The book is so epic that we couldn’t tell it all in one movie and service the characters with enough depth,“Lin explained. He also mentioned that Stephen King himself gave the project his blessing: „…the response that Cary got back was, ‘Go with God, please! This is the version the studio should make.’“.

IT is one of Stephen King’s best novels, but extremely hard to adapt because the story is narrated in historical fragments, with the main plot being seperated into two storylines. Splitting the adaption into several movies destroys Stephen King’s original narrative technique, but is still the best solution.

Marvel Presents Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe

On Tuesday, October 28, Marvel Studio’s president Kevin Feige presented the movies of the so called „Phase 3“ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
A mix of fan favorites and new characters will hit the silver screen in the upcoming years.
Here are the release dates of all upcoming Marvel movies: Marvel Presents Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe weiterlesen

Charlie Hunnam In Talks To Lead Huge Movie Series

Guy Ritchie has found his King Arthur. Charlie Hunnam is in final negotiations to play the King in Warner Bros. upcoming blockbuster series. Ritchie’s mammoth project is slated to span six movies and is finally taking shape after several scripts were rejected.
Hunnam is best known for his intense performance in Sons of Anarchy, but has also a leading role in Guillermo del Toro’s „Pacific Rim“, a series which has gained even more marketing power with this year’s comeback of „Godzilla“, since both movies are set in the realm of „Kaiju“-invasions.